Norfolk and Norwich festival

An arts performance that reflects the make up of the population in Norfolk has been revealed as being the highlight of 2012’s Norfolk and Norwich festival. The show, entitled 100% Norfolk, has a cast of 100 who will be combining their personal stories into a performance reflecting Norfolk life in 2012. Other acts that will appear include a performance from the circus troupe Compagnie XY at the Hippodrome in Great Yarmouth.

Organisers have said  that those recruited for 100% Norfolk would be a representation of the 862,000 strong population of the county, and contained factors that were based on gender, age, place of birth and current location. Anyone wishing to take part should contact the festival office. The Orchestra Spira Mirabilis are also due to perform at next years contemporary music and arts event.

As part of entertainment for the children, Erth Theatre’s Dinosaur Petting Zoo is to tours outdoor spaces and school playgrounds. William Gallinsky is the artistic director of the event, and he has said that they were already thrilled with the confirmed line up and this was just the tip of the iceberg. He added that they wanted more people than ever before to discover the Norfolk and Norwich festival in 2012.