Northern Ballet produce stunning tribute to Gershwin

The Northern Ballet are a company who definitely enjoy trying performances that are a little bit different. They have recently put on a production which is a tribute to George Gershwin and it is called I Got Rhythm.

The production has been created in order to celebrate the composer and there are many dance routines and stunning sets which are involved with the show. It is going to be arriving at the Theatre Royale within the next week and it is very likely to be very appealing to audiences. There is a current trend in ballet for 1930s style glamour and this is something that has been involved in the production and is sure to be very popular with attendees.

The director of music for the ballet company is John Pryce Jones and he has commented, “This is a rather different production for us as we don’t normally place the orchestra on the stage. This is something we have chosen to do with this production as we think it is very important for the orchestra to be able to see the dancers and vice versa. We think it creates a great chemistry on stage and allows them to dazzle each other.”

The music and the production is also rather different from what the company normally perform. David Nixon was responsible for the conception of the peace as the ballet’s artistic director and he says that the idea came about when he was asked to create two small pieces of ballet as a tribute to Gershwin.

After creating these two pieces he realised he had a passion for the music of the composer and decided to create a full production with much more detail, and this is what people are now able to see. This is an incredible show even for those who have not been to the ballet before.