Opera giant George Harewood passes away

George Harewood has passed away at his Leeds home in England at the age of eight-eight years old. He was the editor for the magazine “Opera,” as well as being a director of music ENO.

He was described by many of his counterparts as a brilliant man who brought a lot of passion and dedication to his field, with a real zeal and affinity towards music, specifically opera. Harewood will not be forgotten, but live on in the hearts and minds of those he has inspired, with his love for music.

It is easy to see how a man such as George Harewood will be missed by those who knew him, and even those who simply knew him by his contribution to the opera world. How fortunate it is that his works can be preserved using modern technology, and he can be remembered for generations to come, even after he has left us in the flesh.

Indeed the spirit of George Harewood will live on, in Leeds where he passed away, in his beloved England, and indeed the entire world of opera that he has now left behind, the music world being better for Harewood having left his legacy behind.