Passion of Jesus Christ Port Talbot with Michael Sheen

In a marathon three day retelling of the Passion of Jesus Christ, Michael Sheen has put his home town of Port Talbot, Wales on the map. Beginning on the 22nd of April, Sheen slept in the mountains surround the town after being baptised in the icy sea. The following day he enjoyed his “last supper” enjoying the sounds of the band, The Manic Street Preachers before being hauled off to a police cell.

The next day, Easter Sunday, he was dressed up in fake blood and a crown of thorns and carried a giant crucifix on his shoulder to a local seafront location for the last and dramatic final scenes of the portrayal. After his “crucifixion”, Sheen was then “resurrected” and this marked the end of a remarkable acting experience.

John McGrath of the National Theatre in Wales has lauded the portrayal and has recounted how the whole community got behind the event and celebrated the occasion as was deemed fitting. In fact, the event was so popular and it filled the community with so much pride that it received national headlines in the news and was mentioned as far away as Australia.