Paul McCartney see’s his ballet for the first time

The New York Ballet ran through their opening movement behind closed doors of the David H Koch auditorium in the Lincoln Center in Manhattan where the full 62 member orchestra performed in front composer who was hearing his work for the first time live.

Ballet is a first for Paul McCartney and even the legend had to have an anxious moment before hearing Ocean’s Kingdom which will debut on September 22 at the ballet company’s start of the fall season.

McCartney was asked by Peter Martins of the NYCB at a fundraiser last year if he would write a dance score and McCartney was taken with the idea since he said he is always interested in new directions especially in ones he hasn’t worked before. He like the idea that the song would be expressed in dance and not just sung and that writing something that would have anger, love, fear and sadness was a challenge and exciting at the same time.

Professional composer John Wilson is helping McCartney to put the final touches and then passed to Martins, a Danish dancer who joined the NYCB and has led it for more than 20 years.

With a cast of 45 the ballet is expected to run 50 minutes and McCartney has said the ballet is a romantic story about the fighting between good and evil, the Ocean Kingdom versus the Earth Kingdom and it is said to have an echo of Romero and Juliet, with the daughter of the Ocean King falling for in love with the brother of Earth King.

Ballet is going through a golden era and it is an opportune time for the world’s most successful songwriter to be presenting his first ballet that also deepens his connections to New York having been in a relationship with New York Metropolitan Transportation Authorities Nancy Shevell since 2007.