Paul McCartney’s ‘Ocean Kingdom’ goes down swimmingly

The opening night of the new ballet ‘Ocean Kingdom’ was a great success and the reaction from the audience was overwhelming. There were many people in the audience who are member of the celebrity A-list and they were united with the rest of the audience when they cheered and whooped for the ballet that has been written by Paul McCartney.

There is one thing about the cheering though, it was not for the ballet itself, but for the former Beatle who had put the show on. It was when he came onto the stage that the crowd went wild, not when the ballet was actually being performed.

After the opening night the ballet returned to its normal self and people who are actually fans of ballet, rather than McCartney, came to see the performance. One thing that was evident from all members of the crowd was that the performance was not as worthy of the cheering that it saw on its opening night. This cemented further in peoples minds that the opening performance was not about the ballet itself but about McCartney. In fact, the ballet on a regular night, got a fairly lukewarm reception, those who had come to see it were simply not that impressed.

The ballet has been written and composed by McCartney and the production has been choreographed by Peter Martins, who himself agreed that most people who came to see the performance on its opening night were there for McCartney – not dance.

The ballet tells the story of two royals who are in love and from different worlds. It is a story that has been told many times before and there is nothing really new to it at all. The story is predictable and does not enthral the audience. But this being ballet, if the dancing is good, almost any plot can be forgiven. Unfortunately though the dancing is as weak as the story and the choreography seems to be completely lacking passion.

The main problem with the dancing in Ocean Kingdom is that it does nothing to help the audience understand what is going on in the plot – and this is something that needs clarification. Instead the audience endures the same dance routines act after act and it really seems that when all four are through nothing really new has come out since act one.

The ballet is not without its good points but unfortunately they are few. For one, McCartney has done a good job with the composition of the music. This is not the first time that he has taken to composing classical and this latest piece of music is a good addition to his work. McCartney also does a good job with the costumes which his daughter Stella McCartney designed. The costumes have some marks which are clearly those of an accomplished fashion designer.

The ballet is, no question, a disappointment. It is a shame to see such an accomplished ballet company performing something that is so mundane. While McCartney is a man of many talents he has thrown himself in at the deep end with this performance and we are not so sure that he can swim. Despite the show getting a great many negative reviews it is not going to suffer in audience numbers: McCartney is the reason that people are going to see this performance.