Performing Arts

Performing Arts gives people from all over the world in all walks of life, the opportunity to express themselves, be creative, gain confidence, and enjoy whichever discipline they choose to explore with likeminded people.

Opportunities are always available through schools, community projects, events, and via professional training for those who are serious about their chosen art form and want to turn it in to a career. There are also many millions who enjoy watching, rather than participating in the Performing Arts, and others who are work/volunteer in related areas such as event organisers, technicians, choreographers, and arts administration/development.

For the performers though, there are five main areas of the arts; Music, Musical Theatre, Dance, Circus, and Acting, many of which are often linked together to produce the entertaining spectacles we enjoy today. But what are the origins of these art forms, and what do they involve?! It’s time to find out!