Pet Shop Boys … The ballet

Pop group Pet Shop Boys have been filling dance halls for over 30 years and are now hoping, their first ballet, to fill the world’s number on dance venue. It is different from writing songs said Neil Tennant, referring to the score he and partner Chris Lowe composed for The Most Incredible Thing that is based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson.

When writing pop songs in the studio, hopefully certain ideas come to mind, but with this there was a script to write too. UK’s leading dance house, London’s Sadler Wells theatre will host where some of the best dance works have been held from around the world.

Written in 1870 The Most Incredible Thing is about the story of a kingdom, its princess and two different ways to reach the extraordinary. The most successful duo in music history in the UK, the Pet Shop Boys have over one hundred million in record sales.

Tennant sees pop music as being too narrow at the present and thinks the industry needs to live a bit more on the edge,  adding that a great deal of the music is too conservative with him wanting to see things a bit crazy. The pair have collaborated before this with the writing of a West End Musical, Closer to Heaven in 2001 with playwright Jonathan Harvey