Placido Domingo at the Royal Opera House

It has been 40 years since the Royal Opera House first saw Placido Domingo sing there and to mark this occasion they have had a celebration. Tickets to the event were sold for around £200 but even with this high price the event sold out on the same day. Many regard Domingo is one of the greatest opera performers for decades, and if not its greatest singer, certainly operas greatest actor.

Although he does not have the voice of his youth he has made good use of it as it has matured. His voice has become deeper and he now performs in more baritone roles. He has admitted himself that his singing is no longer perfect but the drama he puts into performances is still very much alive.

He is most famous for playing the role of Otello and his performance in the role was excellent. The start was a little weak but his ability to switch from vengeful to confused and finally to a broken spirit is excellent. The cast supporting him did very well and Francesco Meli put on a particularly noteworthy performance.

Many people have commented that since the days of Placido Domingo opera singers have simply not come close to him in level of talent. He belongs in a level of opera that very few people do today. He is admired throughout the industry for its commitment to opera and he’s not the type of performer who will claim illness at the last minute or make other excuses not to perform. The performance he put on for the celebration was as much about his singing as it was Verdi’s music and Antonio Pappano did a tremendous job as the conductor and altogether the production was a wonderful homage to one of opera’s greats who still gives his all.