Police and Python opera

The unlikely pairing of The Police drummer, Stewart Copeland and Monty Python legend, Terry Jones will begin performing together in London this Friday. Their pairing will take the form of an operatic double which will be staged by the Royal Opera House’s contemporary department, known as ROH2, in the Linbury Studio Theatre.

The two plays, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, for which Copeland wrote the music, and “The Doctor’s Tale”, staged by Terry Jones can be seen for a price ranging between £10 and £20. “The Doctor’s Tale”, a story about the misfortunes of a successful doctor (who also happens to be a dog) was scored by Anne Dudley of the Art of Noise. Dudley is well known for her Oscar winning work on “The Full Monty”.

Unbeknownst to many, “The Tell Tale Heart”, Edgar Allan Poe’s Gothic horror, is Copeland’s fourth foray into the world of opera. His first opera, “Holy Blood and Crescent Moon”, received mixed reviews when it was first staged 22 years ago. Copeland maintains that the reviews, both positive and negative, were liberating because they contributed to his growth as an operatic writer.

The 58 year old Copeland says that his new career direction seems to be getting a lot easier as time progresses. He maintains that many industry pundits dislike people that constantly switch career paths and, since he has now had experience both in time and in productions in the field of opera, everyone feels that he has “paid his dues” and is more accepting of his efforts.

Copeland assures us that his switch to opera is not a whimsical, spur of the moment decision but something that he takes very seriously and he agrees with those people that get annoyed when people just decide to write opera without taking it seriously.