Polunin sued for abandoning productions

Sergei Polunin is an ambitious and charismatic ballet prodigy who went on to become the youngest Royal Ballet’s principal at 19. His reputation is matched by his image of being a ‘bad boy’ who has walked out of two London Productions.

The dancer sent shock waves in the dance world when he quit the much-awaited adaptation of Midnight Express in April. This was after he walked out of the Royal Ballet where he had been able to wow in productions like Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.

Polunin indicated that he had a health issue hence the need to abandon the London production. However, the producers are suing him for £400,000 because according to them, his wild partying left him in no condition to perform in the productions.

According to the legal papers that were filed at the High court, the 23-year-old Ukrainian dancer and Igor Zelenzky, his mentor had to quit the production because they were indulging in activities that made it hard for them to be in a suitable health condition. The lawsuit that was filed on behalf of the producers went on to say how the two were involved in socially destructive behaviour that took a toll on their health.

Polunin who co-owns a tattoo parlour in London may have difficulty maintaining devotion to his talent. When Polunin left the Royal ballet production, he indicated that he spent several nights clubbing, cutting himself with a razor to get the adrenaline rush and even took drugs. He actually admitted to dancing while he was high on cocaine.

According to the legal papers, the dancers were to be paid £7,000 for the seven performances they were to do as American drug smugglers Tex and Billy. In addition, the two had to rehearse for a total of two weeks before doing the show, for which they would be paid another £1400.