Romanian soprano sued over 14 year old contract

Eliana Pretorian, a popular soprano originally from Romania, had a close call with the English justice system recently when she was sued in a case that could have cost her a large amount of money she doesn’t have, or even send her to jail. The 31 years old star who performed at Sadlers Wells and Glyndeborne ended up in court about a contract she signed when she was just 17. In the contract, she agreed to pay 35% of her income to a Mr Vasile, a man who invested $6,900 in her training.

Only she never had a choice whether to sign or not. Her father forced the contract on her while she was still a minor. Worse, the 35% royalty could be taken from any ten years of her life, at Mr Vasile’s choosing. Needless to say, it ended up being a very bad deal for the soprano. Now, the man who held her future in his hand went to British court in order to get details about her earning so he could cash in. Fortunately for Eliana, the judge threw out the case. In his verdict, the judge said that this case was doomed to fail and that the contract was immoral.

This is not the first time that the soprano tried to get the contract overturned, but in her native Romanian nation, the justice system there upheld the contract. Fortunately for her, the English justice system found the whole case to be usurious.

Judge Richard Seymour was the one who threw out the case and explained that because the original contract was unenforceable, she was not doing anything wrong by refusing to reveal her income details to that man. Mr Vasile was a businessman and former friend of Eliana’s father. The soprano had been worried about this initial contract ever since, and said it had nearly destroyed her life.