Royal Ballet are suffering from lack of talent

The Royal Ballet has been experiencing a dwindling number of domestic talents in its composition. There are 21 dancers in the Royal Ballet off which just one woman and two men of British origin are present. This startling figure was noticed by an erstwhile ballerina Bryony Brind. The ballerina opined that the reason for such a fall in talent of British origin stemmed from the lack of native stars of the likes of Darcey Bussell in the field.

A study carried out last year by Luke Jennings had also highlighted the issue of diminishing British representation in the Royal Ballet School. The report, drawn from interviews held with dancers attributed the main reason being lack of process to nurture British dancers. The report summed up that while there were great dancers of British origin, in the School’s lower rung, they took more time than others to gain confidence for occupying centre stage.

The report cited the examples of Claire Calvert and Emma Maguire as such dancers.  The report however did lead to Tamara Rojo from the English National Ballet having Lauretta Summerscales perform the Odette-Odile, which is to be performed at the Albert Hall this summer under the production house of Swan Lake.

The comments by Bryony Brind is however to be considered in the present times and situation. In her times, which were in the 80’s, the Royal Ballet School had very few foreign talent. It was then Bryony Brind and Fiona Chadwick who would storm the dance events all over, but then the standard was not as lively or high as it is today.

The foreign talent that entered the Royal Ballet School has brought along with the element of quality and excitement which needs to be considered. The foreign talent that presently is there at the school includes the likes of Sylvie Guillem, Tamara Rojo, Alina Cojocaru and Marianela Nuñez. The British ballerinas are Bussell and Sarah Wildor.