Royal Ballet double bills is sure to wow the audience

The latest double bill of the Royal Ballet offers the 19th century piece of work by August Bournonville, La Sylphide, and the 1970’s Ballo Della Regina from George Balanchine. Together audiences should enjoy the combination since they offer some amazing dancing provided by Ballo Della Regima and some great drama that comes in the form of the story of James that is courtesy of La Sylphide that includes his choice to continue to chase the dream of an imaginary woman over the choice of an ordinary girl that is actually available to him.

In the lead roles of the Sylph and James are Alina Cojocaru and Steven McRae who are paired well given that both are tremendous actors and have some great dance moves. They also interact with other in an almost magical way while on stage which is great since the fairy tale is set in the 19th century in Scotland where fantasies abounded.

Leading up their performance is a stunning opening performance by Marianela Nunez who is easily the start of Ballo Della Regina. The upbeat mood may make it seem as if the play is whimsical and fun only, but the true difficulty of the dance moves makes it performance an incredible feat for all of the ballerinas.