Royal Ballet loses principal male dancer

Sergei Polunun is the youngest dancer to ever have a principal role in the Royal Ballet. It has recently been announced that he is going to be leaving the company after telling friends that he was getting bored of living in London. His announcement was very much unexpected and is shrouded in some mystery.

The dancer is 21 years old and he has previously performed at Sadler Wells in the production Men In the Motion. The production is now going to be closing after only three performances. It is expected that once the production finishes he is going to be either travelling to America or Japan. The Ukrainian dancer told friends that he wanted to try something new.

There are suggestions that he might even leave ballet altogether. Before this announcement he has said that he enjoys living the good life in London although he has had to make sacrifices in order to reach the top of his game. He has however said that if he performs in places like the United States and Japan he is going to be able to make more money.

He has also stated that he is frustrated with the rules imposed on him by the Royal Ballet that mean he cannot accept guest performance roles in Russia and the United States. He also co-owns a tattoo parlour in North London and his business partner has commented, “He has managed to achieve so much so early and I think he has become bored with it.

He has been saying that he wants to find something else, he’s not upset, just bored. I don’t think he knows where he is going just yet, but he has indicated an interest in either America or Japan.”

People in the art world have described Polunin is one of the best ballet dancers in the world. He has also been said to be one of the arts brightest stars. Men In Motion is a production that he’s been involved with outside the Royal Ballet and he has made no indication that he won’t be performing at the weekend.