Royal Ballet offering something for everyone

The mixed programmes on offer from the Royal Ballet have been cleverly composed   and offer something for everyone. A pleasant evening may be enjoyed, threaded together by theme and sharp contrast to excite ones taste. This programme falls into the latter category.

A pair of ideal ballets offering pure exploration of ballet movement is followed by a costumed fanfare of colour and excitement. These offerings will have the attention of all ballet lovers.

Currently at The Penguin Café, David Bintley’s 1988 “Still Life” seems little more than human diversity. Animal sketches combining human movement and animal behaviour. Very similar to both Carnival of the Animals and Tales of Beatrix Potter. It surpasses both, is original and shows concern for animal life.

Bintley’s way is empyreal, his characters original and his choices excitingly outlandish, complimented by an attractive and ingenious score from Simon Jeffes. Commencing with the tottering Chaplin penguin waiters it moves effortlessly through Humboldt’s Hog- Nosed Skunk Flea to the Texanhoedown stomp of Texan Kangaroo Rat

Sexy sophistication is evident in Zenaida Yanowsky’s Utah ram headed Hollywood goddess. Edward Watson’s display of a Southern Cape Zebra is enough to turn the head of the most hardened in the audience.