Royal Ballet urged to hire more British dancers by Bryony Brind

Bryony Brind, a veteran of the Royal Ballet, claims that the ballet troupe needs to hire more British talent that is home grown if it hopes to preserve its long standing heritage. Brind stated that the traditions of the British are being lost because the company has been overrun by foreigners.

52 year old Brind stated that it is not enough to have just three British dancers in the top dance company of the nation. At the moment only one British woman and two men in the dance company are from Britain.

Brind was a principal for the Royal Ballet for 14 years and is now stating that more British dancers need to be chosen because they have an easier time adapting and learning the traditional dance styles. She went on to say that the Royal Ballet is a tradition in the country and in order for it to remain a tradition it needs to have more dancers with English backgrounds.

She explained that all dance companies have foreign talent, but while this can be a great thing more English dancers need to come forward because it can be hard for foreign dancers to grasp that very British style because of the quirks.

Brind went on to say that right now in England there is a lot of talent and it’s a matter of dancers breaking through the line and getting discovered by the larger companies. As a result, she said that the ballets of Sir Frederick Ashton are losing their British touch because the foreigners just do not know how to handle the cultural quirks.

Lauren Cuthbertson is the only British woman with the troupe and Rupert Pennefather and Edward Watson are the only men with the Royal Ballet right now. Brind would like to see the home grown numbers increase so that more talent is encouraged in the future.