Russian ballerina to join the Royal Ballet

Natalia Osipova, the Russian superstar, has announced that she is going to join the Royal Ballet. Before making the transition, the 26 year old dancer performed with the Bolshoi Ballet.

Over the last few weeks Osipova has managed to thrill London audiences with her performances at the Coliseum dancing as a principle with the Mikahilovsky Ballet. Many dance experts were thus thrilled when the news broke that she would be coming to dance for London exclusively during the 2013/2014 Covent Garden season.

Her first scheduled performance with the Royal Ballet will see her in the lead female role of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet by Kenneth MacMillan. Dancing opposite of her will be Carlos Acosta. Director of the Royal Ballet, Kevin O’Hare, stated that he highly anticipates seeing her tackle the heritage of the company and the very modern repertory that they have to offer audiences and dancers alike.

In addition, O’Hare stated that he always enjoyed watching her guest performances when she danced in October with the Swan Lake company and that she will be an excellent addition to the many top notch principals of the Royal Ballet.

Osipova is from Moscow and has attended both the Moscow Staet Acadmey of Choreography and the Mikhail Lavrosky Ballet School. Following her graduation she joined the Bolshoi Ballet and soon after had already nailed the principle role of Kitri in the ballet Don Quixote.

In 2010 she became a formally recognized principal dancer with Bolshoi but chose to leave to receive a role as a principal dancer for the Mikhailovsky Ballet. In addition she is also a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. As part of a deal made with Sergei Danilyan from the Mikhailovsky Ballet she will still freelance for him and work with Ivan Vasiliev for Bolshoi who is her former stage partner.