Russian ballet dancer cast in a role nobody wants; that of a convict

Pavel Dmitrichenko is currently at the centre stage of a trial, something that is quite contrary to the grand arenas he is used to. Pavel, the 29-year-old, slightly built soloist dancer dazzled many people as the Evil Genius in Swan Lake at the Bolshoi Ballet. However, Russia is now watching him as he sits in a 5ft by 8ft cage being the character in a story that cannot be compared to all the theatrical roles he has acted.

Pavel is accused of planning an acid attack that nearly blinded the ballet’s artistic director, Sergei Filin. The motive behind the attack being that Pavela and Anzhelina Vorontsoave, his ballerina girlfriend, were not happy because they were not being selected for prominent roles. With this trial, it is not the reputation of Dmitrichenko that is at stake but also that of one of the World’s best ballet companies and Russia’s cultural institution.

According to a former dancer, way before the attack on the artistic director, there were personality clashes and professional rivalries in Bolshoi Ballet, the trial has only brought this conflicts into the open.

Pavel’s face was pale and expressionless as Yulia Shumovskaya, the prosecutor methodically read through a list of witnesses and other evidence. Pavel had developed huge bags under his eyes since the arrest. Dmitrichenko did not even exchange a glance with the two people he was accused alongside with. Those accused alongside him are being charge for causing grievous bodily harm and they may go to jail for up to twelve years.

One of the two people that he was accused alongside with was Yuri Zarutsky who had served a jail term of 7 years for causing bodily harm that lead to death. Yuri already admitted to the crime although he said that he on his own. The other defendant was Andrei Lipatove, accused of driving Yuri to the scene where the attack took place although Andrei did not plead guilty.