Russian collaboration produce an epic performance of Swan Lake

The Russian Opera House and the Russian State Ballet have teamed up to put on an astounding performance of Swan Lake. They brought the ballet to the Croydon Concert Halls at Fairfield Halls for one exclusive night this past Tuesday and left the audience stunned.

The music was spectacular with conductor Andrei Galanov clearly displaying the extreme talent of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mink. The dancers added to the magic due to their athleticism and sheer physical ability which was evident from any seat in the audience. Even someone that would not know enough about ballet to appreciate technique would have recognised the brilliant self-possession and poise of the dancers.

The set was designed well with a very murky magic lake complemented the brilliant glamour of the castle quite well. More attention grabbing then the set however was the costumes that were covered in gold patterns that leapt across the stage with the dancers.

All in all Swan Lake was a steady stream of solo performances on stage mixed in with some ensemble performances that nicely jumped back and forth breaking up the tempo at times and then relaxing it again so those in the audience could regroup. The energy from the orchestra pit also remained very strong, notable especially during the second half of the performance.

With thirty musicians and 45 dancers or so working hard to put on a brilliant performance, it should not be surprising that the show was impressive even by British terms. While it is not likely that a non-Ballet regular will head back out to the theatre, if there was one show to see this would have been it.