Russian State Ballet Sleeping Beauty

Tomorrow evening, the Russian State Ballet brings its well-travelled touring production of Sleeping Beauty to the Assembly Rooms, and ballet lovers are in for a real treat, with the show set to capture the imaginations of all ages.

With more than one hundred years of experience behind it, the Russian State Ballet is one of the most established and revered of the Russian schools of ballet. Alexej Ignatow, who can claim responsibility for bringing the show over to perform in front of UK audiences, has suggested that this experience shines through in the intricate and precise nature of the dancing, with the quality of dancing and high level of expertise particularly apparent.

The production is due to be performed tomorrow, and with Ignatow expressing his belief that this version of Sleeping Beauty is one that the whole family can enjoy. He also suggested that the finesse and accuracy displayed by the dancers – ballet is an art form that has been practiced at the school since early in the 19th century – make this a production of particularly notable quality.

He is also particularly fond of Tchaikovsky’s classical score, a beautiful accompaniment to the impressive work carried out on the stage and a wonderful thing to experience in its own right. Having grown up in the Ural Mountains, not far from Tchaikovsky’s place of birth, Ignatow expressed his belief that you could ‘close your eyes throughout’ and still have a wonderful evening, such is the strength of the score.

The dance was first performed back in 1890 in St. Petersburg and the story speaks of everything from witches’ curses to more traditional romance and eternal love.