Sade has become an enigma

The band Sade is led by Helen Folasade Adu and has not released music in a long time, but has suddenly appeared back on the music scene with a mysterious album featuring many love songs. The band is known for going against the typical pop convention and this new album is no exception.

While much is known about the band, Helen, who is known only as Sade, keeps her personal life very private. No reporters ever find out anything about her and she is very secretive. This has not had a detrimental effect on her success however, and she has stormed back to the top of the charts and is selling out musical venues everywhere.

Her music is certainly sophisticated. It is a mix of pop and Euro soul and there are even edges of funk and a touch of reggae. The new album is called ‘Soldier of Love,’ and has been a great commercial success already, selling over half a million copies in the US in its first week. The album has also entered at the top of the American charts.

Sade is currently touring and will be in Norfolk on Monday night. John Legend is opening her shows and the pairing is excellent, both have a good song writing style and complement each other very nicely. Sade is the superior songwriter but that is no criticism of Legend, who also has written some beautiful songs. When asked for information about the pairing, both declined to be interviewed.

The American part of the tour began in June and has gained critical praise. Rolling Stone Magazine said of the concerts, “Sade has not really changed and that is no bad thing. Her wonderful smoky voice returns to the stage and fans will be grateful for this. Her image also remains very similar to before.”

While the tour is intended to promote her new album, she is playing some of the old classic songs that fans will love to hear. The sets are also intricate and look as if they belong to a high budget, Broadway performance.

Sade was one of the artists who, like Madonna, had their musical careers greatly benefitted by the advent of MTV. The artist used the camera to create great videos that captivated audiences, using exciting locations and understated clothing. Her initial success came before this though, in the 1980s when synthesizers were popular. She instead went for a sound that was much warmer and this was a great hit with audiences.

A great deal of time always passes between the albums Sade releases, and this seems to have made her fan base even more keen. There is no one in the music world who produces a sound quite like her.