Sergei Polunin continues to shine

Sergei Polunin, the accomplished ballet dancer, has recently commented that the stage lights used in shows can conceal and almost eliminate what is happening on stage. The dancer is known to have several tattoos but when he is on stage he makes sure these are covered up.

He has recently commented, “I can use make-up to cover them and with the addition of the stage lights they become almost invisible, most people, especially if they did not know I had tattoos, would not be able to tell that they were there.”

Polunin is the youngest dancer in the Royal Ballet and many people have commented  on the fact that he is incredibly talented. He has a wonderful openness in his upper body and long limbs which allow him to do stratospheric jumps where he appears almost weightless. He is only 21 years old and many people think that he is the brightest dancer that British ballet has seen in a long time.

This season of ballet has seen many landmarks for the dancer and he has been involved in a great deal of notable productions, including Manon as Des Grieux. He will also shortly be playing Romeo in the production of Romeo and Juliet that is being put on by Kenneth MacMillan. He is also involved in the production of The Sleeping Beauty which is also being filmed for broadcast on television and also be released on film. In this production is playing the role of the Prince.

Polunin was born in the Ukraine, near the Black Sea, and he was involved in gymnastics from an early age, he suffered from pneumonia at a young age and this meant that he could not return to gymnastics because the dust in the buildings was too much for him.

He has commented, “It was at this point that I decided to take up ballet, one of my friends was applying to a ballet school and my mother suggested that I go along and try it myself. It also meant that I was able to move to a better city with my mother.

“I had been great at gymnastics and when I took up ballet I wanted to be great at that too. I landed in the same way that I did gymnastics, as a routine. Growing up I was very poor and my dad had to work in Portugal as a builder just so my mother and I could afford to live in Kiev.”

His mother eventually suggested that they moved to London so that he could audition for the Royal Ballet School but when a letter arrived telling him how to audition they misunderstood it and thought that they had to pay over £30,000 a year to attend.

When someone who read English better took a look at the letter they told the family that they had misunderstood it and that there were no charges to attend if you found a sponsor. From these humble beginnings Polunin is looking to a bright future in the performing arts.