Sixteen year old Brit may miss Bolshoi chance because of lack of funds

At the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Russia a teenage dancer may have to turn down a place despite the fact in the 230 year history of the academy she is only the fifth Briton to be selected. Heather McGowan, 16, won a place at the Moscow dance school by beating thousands of other hopeful from all over the world.

Nevertheless she may have to turn down the chance even though she has trained since she was four, but her family cannot pay the £15,000 it costs per year to attend the school. Tom her father a RAF engineer and mother Paula a teaching assistant have tried to raise money from sponsorships for her and have sent more than 2000 letters to charities and businesses but as of yet have not received anything.

Heather is taking exams at the Tring Park School in Hertfordshire for the Performing Arts for her eight GSCEs. Everyone knows how devastated she would be if she could not attend. Since 1773 only four Britons have attended the Bolshoi Academy. The fees for the school total about £13,000 but they also need to pay from ballet shoes and flights and the shoes cost £40 a pair and last a total of a fortnight.