Stars excel in the latest production of Beatrice et Benedict

The new production of the opera Beatrice et Benedict, is being conducted by Michael Hofstetter and those who go to see this opera will think that the beginning is somewhat lacking in tempo. However, as the production carries on, several melodies come into play and the tempo really picks up and the whole production becomes more interesting.

The real high point of this production is when the three leading ladies of the production sing a fantastic version of je vais le voir. The lead singer in this song is Laura Mitchell, the soprano, and it is really quite a remarkable performance.

Beatrice is played by Sarah Fulgoni and her voice really provides a whole production with a certain amount of beauty. She has a long song by herself in act two and this is when she realises that she is in love with Benedict. It is quite a remarkable performance although it is not exactly what the audience would be expecting if they have seen this production before.

Generally, the character is brighter and more quick witted than how Fulgoni has decided to play her. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are moments when the audience might find themselves wishing the character was a bit more lively. Donald Maxwell plays the role of the choirmaster in the production and he often steals the show whenever he is on stage.

His character is funny and it feels as if many of his lines are ad-libbed and there are many made relevant to the present day which will certainly please the audience. This opera is a production that really has a lot to add to the original script and is it is been excellently performed by this exceptional and very talented group of singers. The stage is also very impressive and is perhaps the greatest spectacle.