Step 9 of 12 – A review

Step 9 of 12 is a new production that gets its name from the 12 steps that are part of the Alcoholics Anonymous programme. The obvious question is what is the ninth step of the programme. It is forgiveness, and this production looks at how a damaged and troubled individual in the play has reached this ninth step and how he struggles with it.

The protagonist in the production is played by Blake Harrison and he is called Keith. In the production he is dealing with his longest period of sobriety in years and he is trying to gain the forgiveness of those he has hurt because of his alcoholism in the past. His background is obviously been very challenged and he has caused his foster parents a great deal of grief.

As the play begins to progress it is clear that Keith has not taken the right message away from Alcoholics Anonymous. He doesn’t understand that in order for the programme to succeed he must be responsible for the actions he has taken. He doesn’t understand that if he doesn’t do this he is unable to come to terms with the things he has done and he will not be able to forgive himself.

The premise of this production is definitely good but there are some serious problems in it that stop it from reaching its absolute top potential. There are definitely some clever lines in the production, but all in all the script isn’t that smart.

You also get the feeling that the performance of the script is somewhat blurred by Harrison and you don’t get the impression that he is being entirely truthful. The set also leaves a lot to be desired and the characters should have changed locations more often. The set should have simply been designed in a different way.