Tamara Rojo leaves the Royal Ballet and heads back to the ENB

Tamara Rojo made the announcement back in April that she is going to be leaving the Royal Ballet in order to return to the English National Ballet. She’s going to be taking up the role of artistic director and there is no doubt that the Royal Ballet are going to be disappointed to have lost her.

This is a move that many people are going to be disappointed with as she is an incredible dancer and it is going to be sad to see her focus on more office-based work rather than her dancing. Many see her as abandoning her skills to work on something that she has not tested herself in before.

Before she leaves the Royal Ballet however she is going to be performing in several productions including, the Prince of the Pagodas, by Kenneth MacMillan as well as Frederick Ashton’s Birthday Offering.

This is not the only problem that there are Royal Opera House is currently facing and they’ve recently received news that their funding is going to be cut by 15 percent, although they are certainly not the only sector of the arts that is suffering cuts in the present climate.

The Director of The Royal Ballet Monica Mason, she will retire in July after working with the Company for over 55 years The role has already been filled by Kevin O’Hare who will take up the position in August.

Unlike the Royal Ballet, the English National Ballet has a rather different goal. The do not focus particularly on innovation, but more about filling theatres. This is something they do incredibly well as they focus on many traditional productions such as Romeo and Juliet, the Nutcracker and Swan Lake, which are excellent at bringing in large crowds and keeping their ballet well funded.