The 13th annual Danish Vinterjazz festival kicks off on the 1st February

On February 1-17, 2013, the Winter Jazz Festival (or Vinterjazz in Danish) will sweep Denmark for the 13th consecutive time. The Vinterjazz will once again push the boundaries further with 300 concerts all around the country.

For 2013, the programme will present an extravagant selection of popular Scandinavian and International musicians. The concerts will also highlight the finest and most notable names in the Danish modern jazz scene.

This festival was founded by the Danish jazz association JazzDanmark in 2001 and is a unique celebration of live jazz and an annual kick start of the jazz season. Not only is this a nationwide festival with high quality jazz, Danish as well as international stars: It also brings together more than 60 venues ranging from local organisers, experimental labels, re-known jazz clubs to the concert halls of the like of The Royal Library, Jazzhouse, The National Art Gallery and The Royal Play House in Copenhagen. Vinterjazz is organized by Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

This year’s program features a number of international jazz meetings: Polish superstar pianist Leszek Moždžer teams up with Swedish bass player Lars Danielsso for two concerts, Marc Johnson (US) presents his new album ”Swept Away” alongside Eliane Elias (BR), Weather Report-drummer Peter Erskine (US) is giving several concerts with a special project with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Danish guitarist Jakob Bro gathers his great trio with Thomas Morgan (US) and ECM-drummer Jon Christensen (NO), while Reuben Rogers and Greg Hutchinson is playing with their new setting feat. Tomas Franck (US/SE/DK).

Transcending the core of modern jazz this edition of Vinterjazz also draws lines to folk, world, electronic, rock and classical music. Electronic jazz outfit Get The Blessing (UK) features members of Portishead, Becca Stevens (US) plays original jazzy folk tunes, Uri Caine with the Copenhagen Phil is rewriting Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, the powerful Scandinavian trio The Thing (SE/NO) is still rocking at it with Mats Gustafsson as lead-out man – as well as Congolese phenomena Bajoli (CD), singer Kira Skov, and trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg in new caleidoskopic collaboration with electronic musician Mike Sheridan.

Other international high lights include: Jason Moran Bandwagon (US), Roscoe Mitchell (US), Lars Jasson (SE), Dorato Schmitt (FR), Evan Parker (UK), Marilyn Mazur + Tritonus Koret (DK/US) and Kreisberg/Hoenig/Hess/Haxholm (US).

The full programme is available now at our website, in App Store and Google Play.

Vinterjazz 2013, February 1-17

→ 60 venues from all across Denmark

→ A total of 300 concerts

→ Founded in 2001

→ A one-of-a-kind jazz festival that takes place nationwide

→ Enables more Danish and International groups to go on tour

→ The annual kick start for many jazz clubs and musicians

→ Puts a focus on jazz outside the prime season

→ Presale tickets available at different tickets vendors – to be found via