The Australian Chamber Orchestra delight their London audience

The arrival of the Australian Chamber Orchestra that took the stage in September at Cadogen hall in London might not have been introduced by Stephen Hawking or director by Danny Boyle, but it was a great arrangement and successful performance anyhow.

The 17 musicians in the orchestra were able to maintain the exact precision that makes the originally four person composition stand out. It is also clear that the performers spend a lot of time together as the musicians were able to easily transition with each other and almost seemed intuitive to each other’s actions.

Dawn Upshaw, the American soprano, took part in the three lieder that was performed during the second half of the show but it was for a brief moment. It is too bad that the moment had to end because the song of life, love, and death was chilling when paired with the performance by the chamber musicians.

The performance closed with Transfigured Night by Schoenberg. The ACO is well known for their rendition of the piece as audiences in Australia regularly hear it performed and enjoy the complex work that the group has done in order to make it one of their most powerful pieces. The cheers and applause in London proved that the ACO can wow more than just Australian audiences with the piece.

The ACO have regularly toured through London having performed in the city over twenty times now as part of their international tour schedule. In fact, the group considers London its home away from home if it is not inside of Australia.

It is clear that the orchestra knows how to create some great music while also producing music that is generally amiable because they have been able to post about three million last year from tour proceeds in London.