The Becks Green Box project video

The Becks Green Box project was launched in 2011; this global fund was created to give the help and support needed by independent talent in the worlds of music, design, fashion and art. This fund is intended to inspire them, celebrate their talents and very importantly, financially support them as they go down the long road to hopefully find great success in their chosen field.

Becks, over the next three years and through the Green Box project are hoping to showcase and fund 1000 projects from individuals who show that they have both a creative and unique vision. The resulting pieces of artistry will be there on display in augmented reality Green Boxes which will be located across the globe, and also permanently on display in the projects virtual gallery.

To kick off this great project, Becks are releasing 30 Green boxes in the UK, Italy and the US which will each contain exclusive virtual pieces by famed artists. To showcase the Green Box project, a great new video has been released to tell you more about the project and how it works.

It starts with a brief synopsis of what the project is all about and also showcases the Green Box project app that you can download. You see two hands holding a rectangle shaped frame and through that we are taken on a virtual tour of places such as New York and Milan to show the global appeal of this project. It is all shot very artistically and in a very creative manner to emphasises what is at the heart of the Green Box project.

By logging onto the Becks website you can connect with Facebook as well as getting the full information you need to submit your ideas if you want to be one of the lucky ones to see their dreams turned into reality thanks to the Becks Green Box project.