The best kept secret in comedy

Comedy gigs are always an enjoyable night out, you can laugh so hard till your belly hurts, cringe at a risqué joke or even go as far as heckling a poor act, either way you’re getting your money’s worth. The stand-up nights at The Highlight are no different and offer a diverse range of acts and entertainment for all.

The Highlight comedy clubs were launched last year and broke off from the well-respected Jongleurs brand. They currently have 10 venues around the country including ones in Battersea, Edinburgh, Camden, Leeds, Birmingham and Reading.

Whilst still being relatively new by name, The Highlight offers an unparalleled experience for large groups and small parties with both their great food and excellent waiting staff.

Recently my jaunt on a stag do to a comedy club was less than successful; naming and shaming the venue wouldn’t be my style, through nothing more than fear of being hunted down by sharply dressed people wittier than myself , but it did feel awfully restrictive. The stag do kind of played out like a glorified ten year olds birthday, and for me and my brother, it was pretty horrendous stuff all round.

Upon arriving at said club, we proceeded to try and get the stag a shot of sorts, being the clown that he was he declined. The worst was yet to come. We had already been bowling, that’s right, bowling on a stag do and had even been go-carting earlier on in the day. It’s fair to say that this was organised fun at its very best.

When everyone sat down to watch the acts, they were all very well and good but my cousin, somewhat worse for wear by this stage as it was the late night showing, which at most places means it’s a bit looser format wise and laid back, he then proceeded to get ejected from his seat for snoring to his little heart’s content.

What attracted such fervour was that he was actually getting more laughs than the compare from the bedraggled hen party behind us. So heckling was obviously frowned on upon in this place, despite being the bravest and undiminished sort of heckling ever seen, or even seen since, the much feared snore.

Over at Highlight there’s no need to doze off as nights include a fantastic comedy night full of fun, food and frolics which will regularly feature three top notch acts as well as a much vaunted compare.

The acts are original and appealing, and the banter that goes on with the audience is first rate and can often provide a highlight of the evening. Stand-up comedy is always a difficult art to master, will your jokes fall flat, will they divide the audience, but the experience offered at Highlight is a jovial one to say the least and will leave you in stitches.

The Highlight comedy clubs cater to stag and hen parties, and there’s no doubt in my mind that your experience won’t be as tarnished as mine was recently. The service available is first rate and they staff will plough you with as many drinks as you can handle….from looking at you, I’d say four, you’re a lightweight at heart admit it, none of this ‘ oh I haven’t had much to eat today nonsense’ or ‘I can drink really well, just not vodka’, those excuses don’t wash.

Check out the website too, as there are frequently offers on for all you prudent little savers out there keen to snap up the cheapest comedy tickets you can lay your scrawny little hands on. The recession it has to be said hasn’t been a barrel of laughs, but a night of stand-up comedy should provide plenty of reasons to be cheerful and it’s definitely something to look forward to.

The atmosphere between acts is also brilliant, and can be likened to that of a nightclub. It’s the perfect way to start your night off and the music being pumped out really keeps the energy up in the place and the audience in anticipation.

They have shows every Friday, Saturday and most Sunday nights and if ‘living for the weekend’ is the way you roll, then look no further. They also have live music nights and cater to a diverse audience throughout from those lads on their last night of freedom, to ladies having a girlie night out before tying the knot and just your Average Joe out for a good laugh. It’s come one come all down there.

Highlight venues showcase top comedian circuit talent, week in week, out as well as dipping their toe into theme club nights. The place caters for company night outs, stag & hen parties, birthdays, leaving do’s, anniversaries, product launches, Christmas party nights & friend’s nights out.

Highlight can organise an evening of entertainment from 100 to 350 people. They organise the comedians, the food menu and have staff waiting on you for drinks & food all night long, so you can sit back and have a fantastic experience at Highlight.

Every night offers great food, excellent service and ridiculously funny acts, but the fun doesn’t stop there, oh no, fret not, Highlight will not let you wonder off lonely into the night, sullen at the taxi rank or the nearest kebab shop, it offers a complete night out with explosive after party’s that put most nightclubs to shame.

Well there you have it, quite the package really and at a reasonable price. If you take comedy seriously, I know that’s not the point of it but please hear me out, The Highlight offers a great experience full of atmosphere, and good laughs. You can’t put a price on that really and they remain at the forefront of the comedy scene and are really the best kept secret in comedy.