The chemistry of the leads makes La Fill du Regiment a winner

In La fille du regiment, Ciofi uses a wonderful voice that is not overly dramatic and remains precise and pure throughout the whole production. She really proves herself capable of executing the role perfectly by making simple and subtle alterations to her approach. This is all she needs to get across the fact that she is an exceptional singer capable of playing this role spectacularly.

Lee also plays an exceptional role and is capable of hitting some of the high notes quite unlike any other male singer currently performing. It is also wonderful to see him perform as you can see the amount of effort he puts into each role he takes on. The amount of heart and soul he puts into this production is no exception and it is really quite a remarkable thing to watch.

Together these two singers do an excellent role of playing the two characters and there are many highlights throughout the production when they are singing together. It is fascinating to see their relationship develop and begin to understand the various flaws of each other’s character. The way they convince the audience that they are deeply in love with each other is remarkable and the audience will be quickly won over by this production.

Elsewhere, Dawn French has been replaced in the La Duchesse de Crackentorp by Ann Widdecombe. Widdecombe appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and her dancing may have provided a certain enjoyment for people watching television at home, but now that she is performing at the Royal Opera House, she looks dreadfully out of place.

This is not the sort of place for an amateur to be performing and no matter what Widdecombe’s performances on Strictly Come Dancing were like, it is very difficult to justify her being able to take up a position at this prestigious company.