The Great Gatsby returns to the big screen

The Great Gatsby is a novel many have read when they were young, a staple of what type of book was presented through schools, and promoted through plays. But now, the story is going to once again hit the big screen, and the Northern Ballet is going to be the backdrop for it. As an all-star film, written by Baz Luhrmann, it will hit British cinemas next month.

This American classic plot line is about to hit the mainstream cinemas, bringing the story from F Scott Fitzgerald to millions of people. Directed by David Nixon, he says that they will be touring cinemas to celebrate the launch of this iconic film. He also admits being aware that this is perfect timing for the production, adding that he knows the Gatsby craze is sweeping the nation.

Right now, there is a surge of popularity for titles like this, Gatsby in particular, and a lot of modern novels and productions dig back into the 1920s, along with what made them great and so intriguing. It may well be a sense of austerity, with people wanting to remember a time where people were more grounded, and celebrate that time, according to him.

He also said that when he got the job, he had to choose between The Great Gatsby and Chaplin, both having been very iconic choices. Chaplin would have been a major production in his schedule, but he simply preferred the traditional play, with no time to do both at once.

He says that the story is everything a good ballet would want to be, including a love triangle, desperation, decadence and of course the heart break. The 20s was a time of indulgence, fashion, exuberance and dancing according to Nixon, and he says that the movie fully represents these facts throughout the production.