The Maltings ballet

Tuesday night it would have been easy for the audience in attendance at The Maltings ballet to think that they were actually seeing a Christmas show given the fact there was a huge Christmas tree on the stage and the air outside had a cool chill to it.  To some degree you could argue they were given the fact that the sold out house was prepared for a performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ that showed the talent of the State Ballet Academy quite clearly as the result would have made original composer Marius Petipa quite proud.

The play opened up with the Christmas Eve scene of Marie receiving a nutcracker doll from her godfather and the dance steps that jumped around the gift as he teased her and her brother before actually handing over the present.  After getting the toy eventually Marie falls asleep only to wake up and find out that the toy has turned into a soldier that is now protecting her against a large group of mice.

The lead mouse known as the Mice King saw some great musical dance numbers as the music quickly moved higher in tone and the Nutcracker soldier is forced to move a bit quicker in order to protect Marie from the Mouse King.  From here the journey continues in the age old tale with the music and the dance slowly evolving and changing perfectly to portray the emotions of the characters and the action on the stage.  Throughout the entire play the lead roles and the backup dancers proved their talent and their place within the academy as the entire performance was as close to perfection as any ballet troupe could get.