The Moscow City Ballets stops by Crawley for a couple of days

Moscow City Ballet is one of the most celebrated dance company in the world, and the group is now set to arrive in The Hawth, Crawley as early as February 19th. They will stay there for only two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, and tickets are on sale to see them perform Swan Lake which is a story about Prince Siegfried and his life as he fell in love with Odette, the Swan Queen.

This ballet is performed by the group in magical splendour and features many lavish scenes, great costumes and stunning choreography. Some of the best dancers in the world will take part and perform the beautiful Tchaikovsky along with familiar performances by the Moscow City Ballet Orchestra. These will be live at the theatres during these two days.

Originally, Tchaikovsky created this romantic story because of The Sleeping Beauty, and this led to some of the best music he wrote. The ballet captivated the attention of people over many years including Princess Aurora and her Prince Lilac Fairy. A lot of other fairy characters take part in the production to the amazement of many.

The Moscow City Ballet is a well known group and has been rewarded many times for its vast repertoire of classical ballets. Some of the big stories from Russian culture involve complex narrative and live music which the crew performs flawlessly every year. They have been touring western countries including the UK since the early 1990s, and the ballet group performs over 100 shows every year.

According to group director Victor Golovanov, because of harsh economic times, they are not always able to fill up at some of the theatres they go to, but he is constantly amazed by the support of the British people. He is pleased that people keep finding pleasure in Russian productions.