The Para Orchestra is another legacy of this great summer

The Paralympics have shown the world that there is no stopping anyone with disabilities any more as people who suffer from any kind of disability can clearly go well beyond their own limitations. Therefore, it was very fitting that the closing ceremony saw 17 disabled musicians playing in the Para Orchestra while the flag was lowered to mark the close.

It was absolutely perfect, especially when you consider that Charles Hazelwood had to fight to actually get the closing ceremony to happen in this manner, but when people started to hear the idea they started to like the idea.

Among those that he had to convince was the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt and the Prime Minister. He stated that disability arts is actually a very small world and therefore, it take sa long time to get the trust of people involved in this group to work outwards into large organizations such as orchestras.

A lot of people are concerned that their inclusion will only serve to be a gimmick or that they are being set up when asked to perform as a group of disability ridden people. However, Hazelwood insisted that there was no gimmick involved in the idea at all.

Instead, he said that the appearance of the Para Orchestra at the Paralympics was just a start as they performed next to Coldplay and played many different pieces including the Paralympics anthem.

He went on to explain that the goal of the orchestra is actually to use the orchestra’s performance at the globally recognised event in order to create a high level of respect for musicians that are disabled so that they can gain respect in the world and new opportunities that in the past might have been overlooked or dismissed for them.