The Syd Lawrence Orchestra wow the crowds at Grimsby’s Central Hall

A band took central stage at the Central Hall when the “SLO”, as their fans seem to know them best, started performing for an excited crowd. The group gave their public a performance that went through the ages, playing music that brought memories of times long past.

Led by Chris Dean and surrounded by musicians from Syd Lawrence Orchestra, the group managed to satisfy even the hungriest fans who were there after spending quite a bit of money for their tickets, if one was to believe in the applauses and screams during the show.

This particular band has a reputation for creating some distinctive sounds that can make people recall the original Glenn Miller Orchestra. So it was no surprise that tunes heard on this night would prompt some of the most enthusiastic responses from the crowd. Some of the songs performed included A String of Pearls, American Patrol, and In The Mood, with Dave Tandy being the solo drum and St Louis Blues where an amazing trumpet section brought its own contribution to the overall show.

Many well know names were present including Artie Shaw and Duke Ellington, playing trumpets, while Billy May provided an extra slice of fun. The show provided several solos as well but two of them were of particular notice, including Trevor Brown, a pianist from the upper east side, performing the quite delightful The Dream of Olwen, while Colin Skinner had his hands all over Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

With “SLO” being the main attraction, the fans had their fill of style and punch, along with a climactic ended thanks to The Peanut Vendor, a well known musical piece imbued with the best big band in the land.