The Wales Millennium Centre benefits from Russian partnership

The Wales Millennium Centre is going to get a fresh breath of air now that conductor Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Theatre have come to visit. The Russians have a partnership agreement with the WMC and have already performed many operas from the Wagner Ring cycle.

This time around they will be here for two days and start by performing a concert version of Parsifal that will be carefully timed to being Holy Week and to show that if an opera can be performed in any way other than on the stage this is it. The classic tale of Parsifal centers around custody of the Holy Grail and of course shows how good eventually triumphs over any evil.

At times however the concert version tends to run a bit long and can even seem more like a religious rite than an actual opera. This means that it is not all that action packed something that the opera was lacking anyhow.

However, there is one stunning scene in the production when Niolay Putilin in the role of Klingsor delivers his last bars and seems to almost fall over, but then Avgust Amonov offers a hand pulling him up and then the song is finished up.

Overall, in the role of Parsifal Amonov sounds overzealous given the fact that his character is supposed to be naïve, but for Mariinsky this is not all that uncommon as the characters also end up feeling a bit inflated. The costumes are stunning however helping to bring some great visuals to the music.