Time To Grow from Ruhan

Ruhan is best known to many for her role in Monkey: Journey To The West, the Damon Albarn penned Chinese rock opera. She has now released an album of beautiful songs that are both innovative and bold. ‘Time To Grow’ is a combination of musical elements and concepts from China along with Western formations to create an album that is quite unique in its musical form.

What this album does is superbly showcase the delightful tone that Ruhan’s voice possesses, as well as its extensive vocal range. Ten of the 12 tracks are sung in her native Chinese and two feature English translations, creating a truly international project which binds talents from such diverse countries as China, Sweden, Australia, Taiwan, the UK, the Faroe Islands and the US.

The writers on board for this album include Robert Wells, the renowned Swedish pianist, while the production mixing has been led by the renowned engineer Bernard Lohr, responsible for such productions as Mamma Mia and albums by Il Divo, Westlife and Celine Dion.

Ruhans road to musical stardom began early when aged four she learned to play the piano. Over the next 10 years she took parts in musicals, operas, TV shows and dramas before attending the Chinese Conservatory of Music to study singing. She then went on to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where she majored in bel-canto.

Her major performance credits include the theme song for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Dao Zai Fan Ye on Christopher Tin’s 2011 double Grammy award winning album, Calling All Dawns (Best Classical Crossover & Best Instrumental Arrangement).

In 2009, Ruhan won the First Prize at the 18th Discovery International Festival and second Prize for bel-canto at the prestigious Llangollen International Music Festival, held in Wales.

* Time To Grow is the first release of China’s “Earth’s Music” project, part of the 12th Five Year National Economic Development Plan.


1. This Is The Time 梦想 (mengxiang)

2. Let’s Fly Away 飞翔 (feixiang)

3. Time To Grow 成长 (chengzhang)

4. Wars Of Love 力量 (liliang)

5. If You See Me Now 思念 (sinian)

6. The World We Leave Behind 天堂 (tiantang )

7. No Me Without You 依靠 (yikao)

8. Still Missing You 弥漫 (miman)

9. Nothing I Won’t Do 相忆 (xiangyi)

10. Dancing On A Rainbow 彩虹 (caihong)

11. Time To Grow (English lyric)

12. Dancing On A Rainbow (English lyric)

* Digipak format

* 24 page booklet with lyrics in Chinese

with English translation


Release Date: 21st November 2011

Digital Album: SILED6047

Release Date: 22nd November 2011