Tony Hall takes over as the director general of the BBC

George Entwistle was officially replaced as head of the BBC by Tony Hall who was appointed this week as the new director general. Hall formally was head of the Royal Opera House and will be earning £445,000 yearly in his new post which will be on addition to the £80,000 pension he receives once a year from his previous work for the BBC.

The BBC Trust confirmed this week that Lord Hall will be able to receive his pension while being paid his new salary but he will not re-enrol into the pension scheme for a second time. A spokesman for the BBC Trust stated that he is entitled to technically join again but he will not since he already receives a pension and upon leaving his position would not be entitled to receive two pensions.

Lord Hall was formally the director of BBC News and in 1999 actually applied for the Director General role but was beat out of the position by Greg Dyke. Hall will start his new position this coming March and has been tasked with the very important job of restoring the public’s trust in the BBC as a strong journalistic source.

This will be the first time in history that two members of the House of Lords have run the BBC one after another. Lord Patten, the chairman for the UK, stated that Lord Hall is the only person that the BBC Trust spoke to about the open position because they believed that he was not only the best fit for the task at hand, but also a truly ‘outstanding’ applicant.