UK top the EU chart for visiting ballet, opera and dance performances

A Study that was published by the European Commission, this week, indicates that the number of people living in UK who have been to an opera, ballet and dance performance in the last year is more than the populations of Italy or Germany. The study that was done across the EU found out that 18% of individuals had been to an opera, ballet and dance performance in the last year.

This number however went up in the UK with the percentage of people going to see an opera, dance or ballet performance in the last year being 22%. In Italy, however it was a different story since only 17% of people surveyed had been to an opera, ballet or dance event, while in Germany it was only 19%.

The average percentage of people in the European countries who had been to a concert of any type of music was 35% with people living in the UK being concert goers with 37% of those people that were surveyed having gone to a music concert.

According to the study, the people who were more likely to go to an opera were people of a high social status. Out of the number of people who had not been to any of these performances, 16% of those living in the UK indicated that the events were too expensive with others citing poor choice in their neighbourhoods.

According to the survey, most people across the EU found listening or watching to a cultural programme on radio or television was the most preferred cultural activity. Sweden was the most cultured country in the EU with 34% of Swedes having been to an opera, dance or ballet event, 61% having attended a concert and 90% having read a book in the last year (only 80% in the UK have read a book.)