Video director brings a softer touch to Saint Laurent ad campaign

Hedi Slimane has made his first debut for fashion house Saint Laurent as the director of a campaign film that is much softer around the edges than what the company is traditionally known for. Director Slimane chose to create a video titled Dance to help promote a new ballerina range of shoes that the fashion company is launching this November.

In order to help make the video even better Lida Fox the actual ballerina was cast in the video to help emphasis the fact that this shoe is made for delicate creatures. Fox twirls and whips through piles gracefully throughout the video making it easy to see that the ballerina shoes are meant to demonstrate how graceful people can be. It is hard not to want to pick up a pair after watching Fox in the video.

Fox may be the face of the campaign, but she shares the spotlight with Gracie Van Gastel who is in a sister video wearing pumps while hula hooping. Gastel also manages to make the pumps look completely desirable and the campaign is likely to go off without a hitch earning Slimane approval from Saint Laurent. The fashion house is slowly learning that grunge might not be the only way to go with their fashion campaigns, but it should be noted that both females are dressed in black and the videos are shot in black and white so the identity of the brand is still strong.

While most normal people might not be able to pull off quite the same moves as Fox, the ballerina range does appeal and it is likely that people are going to be drawn to the wide angled ballerina shoes for their own daily walks. Plus, they offer the chance to do a quick twirl when no one is looking.