Why Commission a Painting from a Photograph?

A very good question! Do you have a photo of your favourite holiday location, your pet or your family that you really would like to hang on the wall or show on the mantlepiece, but the photo is just not quite up to scratch? Perhaps it has a distracting background, a colour cast or maybe the photo is not quite as sharp as it could be? Well, an artist to the rescue! Backgrounds can be improved during painting, the colour cast removed and any number of improvements made over the original.

The second reason is the texture. Photographs by their very essence are unfortunately two-dimensional. Oil paintings, however, contain textures and subtleties that only a three-dimensional medium can offer. Imagine a photo of your Border Collie, and just consider for a moment how much improved a painting would be, showing his lustrous coat, and highlighting his beseeching eyes? You could, of course, go down the “Photoshop” route and have the original photograph touched up, or a copy made, but you will never get the qualities that a painting in oils on a quality canvas will offer.

A large painting generally looks far better than it’s photographic counterpart. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for large photos (having been a freelance photographer for a number of years) but place  sizeable photographs next to their hand-painted equivalents, and the paintings from photos win hands-down every time. Paintings by their very nature are scalable, and a good artist can take a reasonable-quality photograph and create a work of art of almost any size from that photograph.

Oil paintings seem to come alive, and its this inherent quality that answers the question best: “Why have a painting made from a photograph?”. Answer: “Because you can, at a very affordable price, and the quality and “wow-factor” of the oil painting will make you glad you did!” Hang a quality hand-painted work of art in a suitable space with the correct lighting, and you will have something truly unique.

So, empty out your shoe-boxes of old photos, choose one that mean a lot to you or your family, and commission a reputable artist to create a work of art from it. You will be amazed at the results, as will your friends, and you’ll create a focal point in the room, and you will also then have a family heirloom to be passed down for generations to come.

Good luck!

Author Bio

Jim Tickner believes that works of art are suitable for many different situations. He’s an experienced retailer of artworks.